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ZylGSM 1.53
Delphi & C++Builder Component

ZylGSM is a Delphi & C++Builder component that communicates with a GSM modem or phone with integrated modem.
Main features:
- send SMS in text mode
- send SMS in PDU mode
- send flash SMS
- delete SMS
- dial in voice mode
- dial in data mode
- answer incoming call
- hang up current conversation
- recognize calls and identify caller number
- new SMS message alert
- read PDU and text SMS
GSM 7-bit alphabet and UCS2 support
- concatenated (long) SMS support
- detect GSM modem

- execute custom AT commands

This component works with AT (Hayes) compilant GSM modems connected to one of the serial ports. You can use it also with USB, IrDA and bluetooth devices, because these devices have a driver that redirects the input from the USB, IrDA or bluetooth port to a virtual serial port (you can check it in System/Device Manager/Modems).
To use with Android smart phones, you have to install the USB drivers first, activate USB debugging and connect it with USB cable as transfering files.

Global System for Mobile communications (GSM: originally from Groupe Spécial Mobile) is the most popular standard for mobile phones in the world. Its promoter, the GSM Association, estimates that 82% of the global mobile market uses the standard.

The demo version is fully functional in Delphi and C++Builder IDE, but it displays a nag dialog (the licensed version will, of course, not have a nag dialog and will not be limited to the IDE). The package includes demo programs for Delphi and C++Builder and a help file with the description of the component.

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 2000/XP/Server2003/Vista/Server2008/7/8/Server2012/10/11
Available for:
Delphi 12 Athens (Win32 & Win64), Delphi 11 Alexandria (Win32 & Win64), Delphi 10.4 Sydney (Win32 & Win64), Delphi 10.3 Rio (Win32 & Win64), Delphi 10.2 Tokyo (Win32 & Win64), Delphi 10.1 Berlin (Win32 & Win64), Delphi 10 Seattle (Win32 & Win64), Delphi XE8 (Win32 & Win64), Delphi XE7 (Win32 & Win64), Delphi XE6 (Win32 & Win64), Delphi XE5 (Win32 & Win64), Delphi XE4 (Win32 & Win64), Delphi XE3 (Win32 & Win64), Delphi XE2 (Win32 & Win64), Delphi XE, Delphi 2010, Delphi 2009, Delphi 2007, Delphi 2006, Delphi 7, Delphi 6, Delphi 5, C++Builder 12 Athens (Win32 & Win64)C++Builder 11 Alexandria (Win32 & Win64), C++Builder 10.4 Sydney (Win32 & Win64), C++Builder 10.3 Rio (Win32 & Win64), C++Builder 10.2 (Win32 & Win64), C++Builder 10.1 (Win32 & Win64), C++Builder 10 (Win32 & Win64), C++Builder XE8 (Win32 & Win64), C++Builder XE7, C++Builder XE6, C++Builder XE5, C++Builder XE4, C++Builder XE3, C++Builder XE2, C++Builder XE, C++Builder 2010, C++Builder 2009, C++Builder 2007, C++Builder 2006, C++Builder 6, Turbo Delphi, Turbo C++
- The Delphi 2006 version is fully compatible with Turbo Delphi
- The C++Builder 2006 version is fully compatible with Turbo C++

- Delphi for .NET support was abandoned.

-If you have a previous version of the component installed, you must remove it completely before installing this version.
-Unzip the zip file and open the ZylGSMPack.dpk file in Delphi (ZylGSMPack.bpk or ZylGSMPack.cbproj file in C++Builder), compile and install it
and add to Tools/Environment Options/Library (in older Delphi/C++Builder menu) or Tools/Options/[Language]/Delphi Options/Library/Library Path (in newer Delphi menu) or Tools/Options/[Language]/C++ Options/Paths and Directories/Library Path & Include Path (in newer C++Builder menu, in C++Builder 10 or later, set them also for the classic compiler) the path of the installation (where the ZylGSM.dcu file is located). The component will be added to the "Zyl Soft" tab of the component palette. After you have the component on your component palette, you can drag and drop it to any form, where you can set its properties by the Object Inspector and you can write event handlers selecting the Events tab of the Object Inspector and double clicking the preferred event.
If you still have problems in C++Builder, running an application, which contains the component, then open the project and in C++Builder menu, Project/Options/Packages and uncheck "Build with runtime packages".
C++BuilderXE2: If you get access violation, running an application with this component, then comment out in the project's main form's cpp file the following: //#pragma link "ZylGSM".
-another possible problem with C++Builder: Go to Project options, C++ Linker, and uncheck Link with dynamic RTL.

-It is indicated to use this component with "Stop on Delphi exception" option deactivated. You can do this from Delphi / C++Builder menu, Tools/Debugger Options/Language Exceptions/Stop on Delphi exceptions in older versions or Tools/Options/Debugger Options/Embarcadero Debuggers/Language Exceptions/Notify on language exceptions in newer versions, otherwise you will have a break at all the handled exceptions.

64-bit platform:
Delphi/C++Builder 64-bit support is only for runtime, so you have to use it in the folllwing way:
Install the 32-bit version of the component as it described above and add to Tools/Options/Delphi Options/Library/Library Path, selected platform: 64-bit Windows the path of the Win64 subfolder of the component.
Before compiling the host application for 64-bit Windows, right click on Target Platforms, Add Platform and add 64-bit Windows (Make the selected platform active). If you compile the application in this way, it will be a native 64-bit application.

Help file:
If you can't open the help file:
-right-click on the help.chm file to get the properties
-on the bottom it says: “This file came form another computer....”
-push “Unblock” next to this text
-now the help.chm files opens as all other help files

What's new:
-support for RAD Studio 12 Athens

-ReadBuffer fix
-new methods: ReadStringUpToEndChars

-mfDefault message format removed.
-read concatenated SMS with GetSMS
-new property: StorageLocation
-fix alphanumeric sender

-new event: OnReconnect
-support for RAD Studio 11 Alexandria

-GetAllSMSText - text message support for listing
-Return value reliability improvement for SendSMS methods
-New properties: IdleInterval, ConnectionTimeout, Isdle
-New events: OnIdle, OnResume, OnTimeout
-New method: ResetIdleState
-Fix GetAllSMS

- support for Delphi/C++Builder 10.4 Sydney
-get caller number - improvement
-new methods: TestGSM
-new method: GetPhoneNumber
-new property: DetectionMethod
-GSM modem detection improvements

- new methods: DetectAllGSM, FastDetectAllGSM
- new method: EnableEcho
- new event: OnInitialize
- support for Delphi/C++Builder 10.3 Rio
- add/delete contacts
- get contacts
- get signal strength
- alphanumeric caller support
- new auto reconnect feature
- improved fault detection
- flash SMS support
- support for Delphi/C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo
- new event OnFault
- new property IsFaulted
- fixes
- support for Delphi/C++Builder 10.1 Berlin
- concatenated SMS support
- support for Delphi/C++Builder 10 Seattle
- Unicode (UCS2) and GSM-8bit support for PDU SMS
- support for Delphi/C++Builder XE8
- C++Builder Windows 64-bit support

- Windows 64-bit support
- returns SMS timestamp
- new Detect method
- better 7-bit GSM default alphabet support
- execute custom AT commands
- read text SMS

ZylGSM - Delphi & C++Builder Component
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no IDE limitation Yes Yes Yes
royalty free Yes Yes Yes
number of developers 1 1 unlimited
source code included   Yes Yes
free support by e-mail Yes Yes Yes
free upgrade on request 1.5 years 1.5 years 1.5 years
Price $ Euro $ Euro $ Euro
  $175.00   $437.50   $699.99  
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